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Delft is a beautiful city in the province of South Holland. Situated in between Rotterdam and the The Hague, 

Delft is very well connected with airports (Amsterdam Schipol and Rotterdam-The Hague) and other Dutch cities by trains, buses and trams. 

How to get to Delft

  • By plane: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is 45 min away by train with an intercity direct connection. In case you get on a not direct train, you have to change at Leiden Centraal or The Hague Hollands Spoor (which is called Den Haag HS). If you prearrange a taxi to pick you up at Schiphol, expect to pay €100 to Delft. For a one-way trip by train, the fare is € 9,50. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is only a few kilometres away but has poor public transport connections. RET city bus 33 runs frequently to Rotterdam Centraal Station and takes you there in about 20 min. From there it is a 15-min long train ride. When taking an airport taxi from Rotterdam The Hague Airport, expect to pay about € 35 for the trip.
  • By train: Delft has two railway stations: Delft (near the city centre and best for the university) and Delft Zuid (Delft’s southern residential area). (Direct) train connections run from:
    • Den Haag Central Station or Hollands Spoor (10 min.)
    • Schiphol Airport (45 min, € 9.50)
    • Amsterdam (1 h.)
    • Rotterdam (15 m.)
  • Car: Delft is easily reached by car. Coming from Amsterdam or Schiphol, it is at the end of the A4 motorway; coming from Rotterdam, Delft has three exits off the A13 motorway. The city centre is best reached via the IKEA exit. During the weekend this exit can be busy with IKEA shoppers. Then take the North exit.